Get your jazz on at Rivendell Winery

SOLD OUT - Friday 2 June '17 - 7.00pm-10.00pmNadira and Friends with a modern and cheeky take on well-loved hot swing and cool ballads.

SOLD OUT - Saturday 3 June '17 - 1.00pm-3.00pmAllira Wilson and Freddie Grigson . Allira's debut album 'Rise and Fall' won the Australian Bell Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2014. Freddie possesses the ability to push a seemingly conventional jazz standard outside the box whilst always respecting the authenticity and dignity of the original style. Flaunting a muscular tone, echoing that of the greats.

LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE - Monday 5 June '17 - 1.00-3.00pmJazz Jacks Trio. This Dunsborough-based trio are masters of their craft, line up - Sean Lillico, piano / Serge Le Goueff, sax / Ben Clark, drums

Lunch and dinner bookings required, please contact Rivendell Winery directly - (08) 9755 2899