Old Dunsborough Hall, 44 Gifford Road, Dunsborough - Limited seats, booking essential visit

Free Festival events

Saturday 2 June, 10.00-11.30am. doors open at 9.45am / Steve Hensby Songwriting Class

Come have a fun songwriting session with Steve Hensby suitable for musicians of any age. The goal of the workshop is to cover a bit of music theory and how it applies it to composition, songwriting techniques and thinking outside the box, and have everybody create and perform a song in the class. It's very hard to be inspired at the drop of a hat and composing can be challenging, the workshop will look at ways you can practice and force yourself to be creative.

Saturday 2 June, 12.30-2.00pm. Doors open at 12.15pm / Serge Le Goueff - WHAT IS JAZZ!

International jazz saxophonist and jazz educator Serge Le Goueff invites you to join him on his presentation "What is Jazz" during which he will bring to light the myths as well as the many truths that have contributed to shape Jazz music over the past century. Through a historical and musical exploration of this genre, Serge brings you this Jazz Appreciation address as part of Jazz By The Bay 2018.

If you have ever wondered why some people love Jazz when others show utter contempt; why Jazz sounds melodic at times when at other times it sounds incomprehensible; what are the essential elements necessary for a music to be associated with the Jazz genre; where does Jazz come from? Then be part of the action and partake in Serge Le Goueff's fascinating lecture that is "What is jazz".

Sunday 3 June, 10.30-12pm. doors open at 10.15am / Jessie Gordon vocal workshop

Jessie is an award winning, world touring vocalist who has recently come back to the West coast after performing extensively in Germany, Italy and Spain. In this intimate workshop, Jessie will share her tips and techniques for perfecting stage craft, engaging audiences and sharing your love of music with others!