Magnificent 7 Trad'Jazz Band

'The Magnificent 7' bring the exuberant sounds of traditional jazz to the streets and stage'

If you like traditional jazz - the interplay of the front-line: hot trumpet, weaving clarinet, and growling trombone, with an added bonus of sexy saxophone and vocals, over a cooking rhythm section of either New Orleans street drums and tuba, or traps, double bass, and piano - you'll enjoy 'The Magnificent 7'!

The Magnificent 7 are a collaboration of south-west musicians brought together by a shared love for the fun of traditional/Dixieland jazz: Dr. Louise Marsh (Tenor Saxophone/Vocals); David Rastrick (Trumpets/Vocals); Mike Wiese (Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone); Kevin Jones (Trombone); Geoff Odgen (Tuba); Viv Booker (Double Bass); Gary Larkin (Snare Drum/Traps); Mr. E (Bass Drum), and Sean Lillico (Piano).

The group play in two configurations: 'The Magnificent 7 Brass Band' - with Tuba and Bass Drum, or 'The Magnificent 7 Trad' Jazz Band' with Double Bass and Piano.

The Magnificent 7 Trad'Jazz Band play festival venue - Dunsborough, roving and Weld Theatre