Cathrine Summers

"Powerful yet soft tones with a smooth yet husky quality"

The UK-born vocalist fostered her love of performing right here in Perth, making a name for herself at iconic venues and festivals including the Perth International Jazz Festival, Kings Park Festival, Jazz By The Bay, The City of Perth New Years Eve Concert and many performances at The Ellington Jazz Club, Crown Casino, the prestigious UWA Club as well as launch nights, balls and successful residencies at live music hotspots Malt Supper Club, The Laneway Lounge and many moreā€¦

Acclaimed for her charismatic, engaging live performances and rich tone, Cathrine never fails to deliver playful banter intertwined with her shows. Her diverse style, incredible vocal range and control delivers both powerful yet soft tones with a smooth yet husky quality. It's this versatility and rich timbre that makes her voice and presence both gracious and sultry.

Cathrine Summers plays festival venue - Ramada Resort Dunsborough, Lions Park, Dunsborough and Chandeliers on Abbey