Cassandra Charlick

"Her career spans from the United Kingdom, through Europe, Asia and the Middle East"

An international chanteuse, Cassandra is based in South West of Western Australia, where she can be seen performing at some of the region's most beautiful venues for both private and public functions and weddings. Her career spans from the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Relocating to London for eight years, her stage projects ranged from performing at The Royal Festival Hall and West End theatres through to regional tours. She co-wrote a sell out production at The Leicester Square Theatre and regularly performed as a solo artist throughout various cabaret and jazz venues, as well as several Opera and classical engagements. Her screen experience ranges from television, short films and feature films through to numerous commercials in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Since returning to Australia she has has most recently been seen performing back in Perth at venues such as The Ellington and Downstairs At The Maj alongside her continuing international performance schedule.

Lachlan Gear is one of Australia's most renowned guitarists in the genre of Gypsy jazz. He has performed extensively throughout Australia and Europe with some of the worlds best and most respected players including Hank Marvin, Robin Nolan, Samy Daussat and Remi Harris. Part of the 'new-school' of Gypsy jazz, he is known for his modern approach to the style whilst remaining true to the roots and history of the music.

Cassandra Charlick plays festival venue -Morries Margaret River,Aravina Estate, Caves House Hotel, Ngilgi Cave (then we might let her have down time!)