Buena Vista Social Club Young Guns

Buena Vista Social Club meets Adam Hall. It's a Cool Winters evening for a hot LATIN night!!

Perth's international award-winning musician, Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys are set to collaborate with young Cuban musicians who perform with the original Buena Vista Social Club.

The Buena Vista Social Club: The Buena Vista Social Club was a members' club in Havana, Cuba. The club was a popular location for musicians to meet and play during the 1940s. Buena Vista Social Club was also the name of a 1990s band, a 1997 album, a 1999 film, and an unofficial brand name representing the musical spirit of the original Havana club. In the 1990s, nearly 50 years after the club closed, it inspired a recording made by Cuban musician, Juan de Marcos González and American guitarist, Ry Cooder with traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom were veterans who had performed at the club during the height of its popularity.

Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys: Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys are somewhat of an institution of the Perth music scene. Formed in 2005, the band is renowned for its captivating live performances, which are marked by slick presentation and raw energy. Along with Adam (vocals/trumpet) the group features some of Western Australia's finest musicians.

Come for a night of High Energy Music, Dancing and Fun!!

Line up - Adam Hall - vocals trumpet / Pablo Calzado - drums (CUBA) / Lazaro Numa Pompa - Trumpet (CUBA) / Camila Cortina Bello - Piano (CUBA) / Mark Turner - Sax, guitar, vocals / Anthony dodos - Trombone , vocals / Kate pass - Bass

Buena Vista Social Club Young Guns play festival venue - Old Broadwater Farm